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The Troller is the first competition NFT Marketplace, Tournament gaming style and it is dedicated to themed Trolls & Memes NFTs, bringing talented NFT Artists to compete in order to create the best NFT Troll /Meme for the chosen (Guest) and win big prizes for the top winners.

The Troller himself is the First Guest & the Community will vote for the upcoming guests.

All NFT Artists will submit their NFT Art related to the invited Guest and the community will vote for the preselections and select the top 100 NFTs to be listed on the platform for voting elimination rounds, once the community voted for the best NFT Troll in all rounds then top 3 winners will get Big rewards.

In addition, we want to offer all community members a passive income source simply by voting in all competition stages in order to be eligible for the 20% commissions from all NFTs sold in the platform which will be paid in BNB.

We will do our best to attract the best NFT Artists in the world and with the expected growth of the platform and the popularity that we will gain in the NFT space, the total value of the Art that would be sold on the platform will reach millions $ so the 20% that gets distributed to all community voters could worth a lot too.

In addition we will definitely attract some big sponsors for each event, that will allow us to offer bigger rewards for the top 3 and may be even for top 10 for example.

The Troller will be an awesome ecosystem that combines Artists / NFTs / Competition / Championship / Fun/ Entertainment / NFT Collectors & Rewards for all.


TrustSwap provides DeFi tools for token holders & businesses to buy, trade, create, and secure crypto assets with confidence.

The Troller has locked the winners prize money with TrustSwap, First prize 1 BTCB, Second prize 10,000 BSC-USD and Third prize 5000 BSC-USD

We are committed to bring a new fresh air to the NFT space that is why we have created this amazing platform and we are willing to provide the best users & artists experience in order to keep everybody excited.

For our first competition we will be offering some great rewards in order to attract as many talented Artists as possible in order to have the best competition challengers that can come up with the best Art pieces that will please the NFT community & the NFT investors.

Also we will be working on improving the rewards from competition to another by exploring & adding new sponsors in the upcoming tournament events.


With Each competition tournament event , the Top winner will reserve a spot in the All stars competition that will happen yearly after each 10 competitions.

The All stars competition will be a whole nother level because the top of the top Artists that won at least one competition will be competing for the Title of the Best Troller NFT Artist , so we are expecting the highest quality Art from all these talented Artists once they compete against each other.

The Troller Masters Championship will be the biggest event in the NFT space as it will combine the best talented Artists that have won at least 1 competition passing through multiple tournament stages and beating thousands for other applicants in order to win the competition and reserve a confirmed spot in the Masters.

Our Goal is to make the Masters Championship the biggest event among the NFT Artists & the NFT Community so each year Troller will honor the Best NFT Artist of the year.

The Troller NFTs Allocation

  • Presale on the website(Lottery) x 60 NFTs
  • Private Sale(Confirmed) X 15 NFTs
  • Partners & Advisors x 10 NFTs
  • New York NFT Event x 5 NFTs
  • Team X 9 NFTs
  • 1 NFT reserved for Elon Musk


30% Commission will be applied on all NFT sales ( BNB ) on the platform and please find the below distribution:

  • 20% Voters(Rewards paid BNB)
  • 5% Buy back & Burn(On Red candles)
  • 5% Marketing

NFT Sales with the Troller native token will have different breakdown:

  • 15% Discount
  • 15% Buy back & Burn

Eligibility for the rewards

Community members Must vote in all competition rounds in order to be eligible to receive part of the NFT Sales commissions. Starting for the Guests Voting till the Final round.

There is 5% Fixed Artist Copyright commission on All sales forever

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The Trollers China Community

For Careers / Marketing inquiries / Partnerships / Sponsored events,
Please email to

275 New North Road, Islington Suite 1315
London, N1 7AA, United Kingdom

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