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The Troller is the Father of all Meme Coins and The First Vote & Earn NFT Project in the crypto space.

Our Revolutionary NFT Platform will be an awesome ecosystem that combines Artists, NFTs, Competition, Championship, Fun, Entertainment, NFT Collections & Rewards for all.

Our main goal is to create a Meme coin with a purpose and added value to the crypto space.

The First Meme Coin
with Solid use Case

  • The First MEME COIN to win AWARDS
  • The First Vote & Earn NFT Project
  • The First NFT Competition Marketplace
  • The First Bridge Between Artists & Brands
  • The First Art Blockchain Ecommerce
  • The First Metaverse Museum environmental Marketplace
  • The First Multichain NFTs Marketplace
  • The First NFT Marketplace to offer Triple Passive income for Artists & Community

The Troller will be
an Awesome Ecosystem

NFT Collectors

Our Goals

Our Goals

  • To Create a unique Meme coin that will stay for 100 years.
  • To Help NFT Artists get exposure & grow popularity.
  • To Bring entertainment to NFTs & Help with Mass adoption.
  • To Bridge between Artists & Big Brands Seeking Exposure to NFTS.
  • To Introduce The Revolutionary Art Blockchain Fashion.
  • To Provide Community & Artists with passive income for life.
  • To Offer the NFT collectors the highest quality of NFTs.
  • To Offer the best Coin Tokenomics for super deflationary Token.

The Competition process

The Troller is the first competition NFT Marketplace, Tournament gaming style, dedicated to themed Trolls & Memes NFTs, bringing talented NFT Artists to compete in order to create the Best NFT Troll /Meme for the chosen (Guest) and win big prizes. The First Guest is The Troller himself & the community will vote for the following Guests.

The Troller Competition Rewards

TrustSwap provides DeFi tools for token holders & businesses to buy, trade, create, and secure crypto assets with confidence.

The Troller has locked the winners price money with TrustSwap, First price
1 BTCB, Second price 10,000 BSC-USD and Third Price 5000 BSC-USD

We are committed to bring a new fresh air to the NFT space and for our first competition we will be offering some great rewards in order to attract as many talented Artists as possible that can come up with the best Art pieces that will please the NFT community & the NFT investors.

The Troller All Stars Championship

With each competition tournament event , the Top winner will reserve a spot in the all stars competition that will happen yearly after each 10 competitions.

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Revolutionary Ecommerce Platform Combining ART, Fashion and Blockchain

Art Fashion will be a separate Marketplace dedicated for Authenticated physical goods Top 100 NFTs on each competition will be for sale, printed on T-Shirts & Sweatshirts and will be verified through the Blockchain! Yes you will be buying a T-shirt designed & signed by an NFT Artist with a Digital Identity.
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NFT Artists Airdrop

The Troller will be the first NFT project that will be Airdropping Tokens to all NFT ARTISTS who will apply for the first Troller competition, a total of 10 Trillion Troller coins will be distributed to all Artists Participants and the goal is to hold these tokens in order to apply for the upcoming Competitions that will have 50$ Application Fees.
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(Successfully Completed)

The TROLLER COIN Audit was completed with an outstanding 96.16% Score.You can download the report by clicking this link

Official Contract Address

(In near future)

CertiK provides fast, rigorous, and affordable audits for smart contracts, blockchain protocols, wallets, ICO crowdsales, and more

Multi Chain Support

We will start on the Binance smart chain as it is the community favourite at the moment.


We will be integrating with Polkadot as the second chain support as we have massive respect for this chain.


We love Cardano and we can not wait to build on it once the smart contracts are ready.


We are among Ethereum early supporters however we will keep the Eth migration on hold till the ETH2.0 is out.